Feb 24, 2009


I’d love to be able to tell you how it all happened in some well structured prose, but today I’m far from a wordsmith, so let’s just put it all out there. I stole a dog. Yes, stole it. Is there any way to explain or justify the fact that I really, sincerely, thought it was Harpo? I’m not far from home, headed there with M. She sees the ball of fluff, too. She can verify how happy said fluff-ball seemed to be when he saw me, how he came when I called him, how contented he was when he got in the car. How was I to know I had the wrong dog? Driving along I kept looking at the mutt- Yep, he was a Maltese Terrier, Yep, has just been trimmed, yes, has a ludicrous look on his face. Of course it’s him!
How was I to know that that look was simply a reflection of the one that was about to hit my own face? I was a little bashful arriving home; I’ll admit I was proud of myself for finding our daft doggy taking himself a-walking.

G: That’s not our dog, I just walked past our dog...
T: that thing looks nothing like our dog! (and later comment; “even Ray Charles could see that hippo was not our dog")

At this stage I’m filled with opposing thoughts, coming out as confusion and laughter. I put Harpo down, he walks himself to the back door, goes outside... To find Harpo. The laughter soon has me unable to stand, so I’ve got Harpo and his stunt double walking around me gleefully, they’ve both got that “I’ve hit the jackpot” look on their faces, as though there was great mates back in Malta.
Returning the dog was a little anticlimactic, despite the fact that it was to cause more giggles. I’m still laughing now. How can I not recognize my Harpy?


  1. I'm PMSL!
    OMG! This is the funniest thing I have heard in a while! Nice work sis! HA HA HA HA he he he HA HA

  2. Malta!!!


    You have me rolickiing on the floor chicka!!!

    I want some excitement in my life -I'm off to steal me a dog!!!

  3. I recommend this little accident to anyone in need of comic relief or a little cheer in their day.

    I'm still laughing about it now!