Feb 5, 2009

Hot Poppy

I’m currently on hold... Knowing it’s bound to be a while, I decided to use my time wisely. So here I am. So much to talk about, such little time! Let me hark back to a delightful day, not so long ago...
Firstly, I want to vocalise my love of Hot Poppy (Errol Street, North Melbourne) publicly. Let it be known, Hot Poppy I love you so! After having lived and frequently Latte’d in pretentious Toorak, dining in North Melbourne is a breath of fresh air. You’ve got your eclectic artistic types, (Those who couldn’t find a place in Fitzroy or St Kilda, I assume) soccer mums and be-suited middle aged men incapable of parallel parking, all reasonably well united in the one location. You’ve also got access to the best, most splendid, spectacular, divine pancakes I’ve ever tasted. (I’d love to boast the world, but I am yet to complete my Parma’n’Pancake world tour.)
So (this is where the ‘secondly’ bit comes in...) out of the blue comes an offer from my delightful friend, Hot Poppy in exchange for driving her to her car, abandoned the night before after one too many. Had I have not been distracted by my watering mouth, I would have told said friend that such an exchange was unnecessary. Of course I would drive my friend almost anywhere she wanted, and with no cost! Some people make your day better just by being around, surely that would be ‘payment’ enough?
Needless to say I accepted, but insist I had every intention of paying! Truly I did...
So what made this event so boast-worthy? Other than the menu? It was the fact that it was so normal. The time spent with car-less friend equated to the prefect day out. We had the perfect ratio happening of sun to breeze, nostalgia to dreaming, laughter to sadness. It was quintessential friendship, topped with excellent food, a bit of a wander, and an eventual trip to Borders. (aka commercialised mecca) So with synthesized hold music being forced into my consciousness, I’m distracted by one of those times in life where the ‘everyday’ is a joy.

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