Mar 17, 2009

Incubator Inspiration

Adventure in the pouring rain to the Melbourne Stitches and Craft Show with awesome B and her fine arts friend G. The anticipation for said adventure had been building for many days. We ladies like our craft, and we are not afraid to say it! [Craft is such a dirty word.]

So I have to make several rounds of the 'Incubator' section of the show- where local craft royalty have come to plant seeds of inspiration whilst offering copious amounts of fabric and felted wares- I fell in love all over again with creativity.

Among the talent: Ink & Spindle, Two Cheese Please, Dear Fii, Mixtape Zine, Ric Rac (including awesome selvage sewing masterpieces), Audrey and Maude and Vince Design and Letterpress.
Above (in my less than delightful photograph) you'll see some Ink and Spindle fabric, and my very own Felt Donut pin cushion, made as part of a 'Craft Lab' with Holly from Two Cheese Please. I would love to have asked her a million questions about her creative path, but would never have been able to hear her over the rain!
So I walked away contented- I'd had the most awesome crepe for lunch, my curls had been drenched into a semblance of normality, and I was loaded up with new bits of fabric and ideas flowing...

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