Mar 3, 2009

When in doubt, Art.

three minute sketchbook love.

I've been focusing on my art of late, as it is something I feel I have a handle on.

Art and I- meant to be together.
Wondering if I know of anyone willing to be a life model?
Contemplating going back to Fine Arts at uni... Then dip ed...
Had such a huge day. A memorial service for three people can never truly be everything you hope would honor those departed.
Am a little overwhelmed by the human condition, in that... while there is kindness everywhere, some people manage to bring inappropriate vibes/attitudes/connections. Value my loved ones, those dear to me more than ever. But realise that blood is not thicker than water.

Crochet Number 2- A slight improvement on Number one.

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  1. I'm so looking forward to you're latest project.... this is looking very promising!