Apr 16, 2009


Dismally distracted by life, I have been less than productive on my journey back to art. Miss Meels- my old housemate and curator in the making-is among a select few who are eager to see me produce a piece or two. As a nudge under the ribs, (But mostly out of curiosity and wonder) we drove to St Kilda to see the studio of Miranda Skoczek. Immediately I was struck by Miranda’s larger-than-life, approachable character. Bespectacled with regulation ‘Artists Glasses’, Miranda was extremely open and willing to discuss her work, all things eclectic; culture and the arts.
In preparation for an exhibition, Rhythm and Emotion, Miranda looked surprisingly paint free. (If she has a super apron with an invisible shield I need to know when to get myself one!) Over the course of the visit to Miranda’s studio, I grew more and more inspired. As Miranda discussed the pieces she was preparing for the show, I admit I was a little in awe.

Thank you Miranda & Meels!
Oh, and Miranda has a doily thing too, was quite impressed to see...

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