Jun 15, 2009

inspiration. disordered.

So many thoughts, so little time.

Annette Messager is one amazing artist. Up until 24 hours ago, I'm almost certain I'd not heard of her. Today, however, I am awarding her with a Corinspiration award for fueling my creative fire. Her early works are representative of explorations, on a path not unlike mine; the concept of finding art everywhere, of making every moment magic. I'll need to spend many more hours in the dusty recesses of the interweb before I make any final conclusions, but gee golly wiz, I'm impressed. [many millions of thanks to Beka for having a broader knowledge of the world of art than I!]
Yumminess in a box: My new FIELD KIT
[Mine is actually in a small plastic box, but in my minds eye it looks a little more like the picture above...]
I was at life drawing last week sitting next to a woman who had her field kit out. Her illustrations were just amazing. I've decided the answer can be found as to the 'hows' of this amazingness simply by purchasing and using little chunks of dry paint. Bring on the whimsy! [Promise to post said amazingness if it happens to be produced whilst using said paints...]
Drawings of life, etc.
[Nota Bene: The above indian ink delights are not mine. They are that of the late Mr Duncan Grant of the Bloomsbury Set. I'm destined to go into more detail about the Bloomsbury's, Inspiration in themselves.]
I happen to have some delightful friends, from whom inspiration is plentiful. Whether it be through conversations on art, or conversations regarding the real-life philosophical applications of advertising [You know who you are...], I've found much to delight in in the people I surround myself with. 'A', my mutual muse, is offering contemplation rich in the stuff of art, the thoughts, the beauty, the doubt. Now how to extract those ideas, how to put them into art words. Only time will tell.

The new man in my life.
He's built, he's flexible, he's a Stikfas Alpha Male.
And he's all mine.
Why yes, that isn't me.

Cookie Inspiration:
"Forget injuries. never forget kindness"
4 28 13 29 30 27
And hardly a carb in sight.
Fortune Cookies = Diet Food.

Today's Corinspirations

were proudly brought to you by the letter: Coffee.


  1. Every time i read your blog you amaze me all over again xxx

  2. Oh, Nic, that is so beautiful!
    Thank you!

    Can't wait to see your amazing mind transformed into words on interweb, too!