Jun 16, 2009

Paris est arrivé aujourd'hui dans ma boîte de lettre

Paris arrived today! I've been excitedly checking the letterbox for news of Kylie for some time now. I miss my old friend so! And she has been gone forever... I'm oh-so jealous of her cultured travels, and cannot wait to be in her shoes sipping lattes and looking at "gorgeous French men on scooters with scarves". (Well maybe not her shoes, her feet are too big...)

I imagine myself when I get to Parisland chocolat chaud- I'll have the afore mentioned wooden field kit, and I can sit and paint like many an artist before me...

I love love love fortune cookies...
"You never lose by loving, you only lose by holding back"
[the feather was living in my scanner so I thought I'd make it work for its accommodation.]

"Paris arrived aujourd' today in my box of letter"
Translations courtesy of Babel Fish


  1. Anonymous22.6.09

    Yaaaayyy!! You got it!! You were dearly missed that day, sipping a chocolat chaud underneath 'le tour eiffel'! xxx

  2. And was it FRICKEN AWESOME Chocolat chaud?

    Have you been drinking *coffee*, too? :)