Jun 26, 2009

suburban animals & ungraceful segues

To commence, I'd just like to inform you that this post may not even have a semblance of clarity.

As I was watching Harpo bury his beloved bone in a pile of leaves, having a little chortle over his old-dog-logic, I started thinking back to yesterdays venture out into the rain as I did the quasi-Mum school run. I venture out to my wheels and see…
...Under my car sat a gasquillion birds. Little tiny things, they were, and possibly a few less that a gasquillion, maybe more like thirty. I’ve decided they were jacky winters, after a little googlemesearching. Robin-ish sparrow-ish kinds of birds. And THIS takes my mind on a further path of wonderment, away from cute little fluffies to…

The Jacky Winter Group, who represent Australian illustrators, possibly the greatest collective of talent I know exists. They represent artists such as the amazing Kat McLeod, Lilly Piri and James Gulliver Hancock. They also have The Hatch, young and emerging artists... humm... inspired much? Paints, paints, where are my paints? Pencils and pastels, oh my!

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