Jul 13, 2009

leaves and millenials

I've started somewhat of an online debate with my friends in regard to where we stand in the generational pool. I've naively always thought of myself as a Gen Xer, growing up a Reality Bites loving, Cold War far-away-observing kid. Apparently, though, Baby Booming offspring that I am, I'm actually part of Generation Y.
I want to wail, I really do. "Why.....?"
I dont fit in sociologically. Surely. I don't 'do' Generation Y pop culture. ...Why?
So I 'updated my status' today on Gen Y compatible Facebook. To my friends, family and those I barely recall, I've bemoaned: Can we negotiate some kind of middle generation between X and Y? Can I be an 'X and a 1/2', or a '>Y'? Please? So far, seven hours later, we are on 41 responses. Clearly I'm not the only disillusioned Gen Yer. I am saddened that the generation in which I fall is best illustrated by a butt crack. Now, I realise, like everything else, that I'm not articulate when it comes to explaining quite what I mean. HOWEVER, I have found a solution, that should stop-gap for the mean time. It seems there is a 'Cold Y' generation, squished crudely in between X and Y- not unlike what I'd wished for, that seems to show a clear distinction in generational influence and attitude. That said, however, I come to a point now where I'm contemplating, how much of who I am is defined by the time in which I live? Can the Silent Generation look on to the Baby Boomers and wonder where they went wrong, so on, so forth, til we come through to today? There seems to be so much finger pointing, guilt placed on generations other than our own... heck, I don't show much pride for my own generation! Will this change when the whole of the generation has reached adulthood? I do hope so.
Do I do much else other than constantly ask questions?
I have a new self inking date stamp!

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  1. Debating: do I change the ragged right?