Aug 16, 2009

things are...

I awoke this morning with my tummy telling me it could really go a bowl of Just Right. Feeling I should be kind to my taste buds, I headed off to the supermarket and purchased a box. This pre-fast breaking venture gave me time to contemplate... Humm, "Just right?"

I realised that I was having an almost zen moment. I thought to myself "It's how things a going- just right. I'm not saying life is without fault, or I'm on cloud nine..." but I realised for the first time in a long time that I had a sense of clarity and understanding that had previously been lacking.

So now I'm in the zone. I'm reorganising my freelance illustration work, I'm assertive, I'm 'just right'.

And how are you?


  1. happy to hear it corinne. i think if i let myself, i could feel that way too...

  2. Sadly I haven't figure out how to stop it departing at times...

    Hope you find it!