Sep 9, 2009

thanks, Borders

Technically, I rarely actually watch tv. Most of the time I am curled up in a snuggle ball on the couch, well equipped with a cup of tea or coffee (Depending on how close to sleep I am!) and with whatever art supplies I feel I wont spill on the couch. In these contented times I love exploring 'doodle' books and projects, like things by Keri Smith, or Scribble Sheets. I've found a cute new book, though, and it is, like those I mentioned, pretty delightful! The Art Doodle Book has little tidbits of artists work as a launch pad for your own doodling pleasure. Monday night doodles feature above.
But the extra special thing? The Art Doodle Book was a bargain $8.95*... I had no excuse BUT to purchase it. Finds like these make my week!

*I promise I wont get in the habit of doing faux spruiking for big corporate conglomerbomernations... I figure that I can't keep this bargain to myself, the world needs to know!

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