Jan 3, 2010

whimsical interlude

It's not often I return from the supermarket and think to myself "Well, now, that was poetry." Just moments ago- I did, and I did. What prompted this overtly enthusiastic delight in a trip to pick up icecream and ham? (Neither items for me, oddly enough.) It was not the joy of being of service to my icecream and ham desiring family. It was not the smooth ride of my beloved tired Toyota, It was the whole scene, it was perfectly written, it was my very own plastic bag in the wind.

let me set the stage by first discussing the soundtrack. Normally I have on something to promote car karaoke, something 80's, something I wouldn't listen to were there other occupants in the car. Tonight, however, I was listening to a modern classical (Oxymoron?) cd, which gave the journey very slight French undertones. (A very difficult job when situated in the western suburbs of Melbourne.) Add to this the soft focus created by tiredness, a kind of blur that melted into the music, that almost made me a little too relaxed. We've set the scene, except to say that in a Pleasantvillesque way, my car was surrounded by neighbourhood children. (Just call me Maria.)

So drive I do, for I'm off to the supermarket. The curvy roads approaching the main road may have added to the overall poetic fuzz, but I spot, much to the delight of the whole scene, a teenaged boy, wearing a green outfit of cape, tshirt, shorts and cap, galloping across the road in front of me. I giggle, he pauses, and does a spectacular superman salute, charming grin and all. Classical music plays on.

Venturing further toward the icecream and ham shop, I notice three young women, packing the back of a dishevel-filled car. In time with the music, one of the girls swoops up another unaware, and gracefully twirls and dips her, before smirking in a green superheroesque way. I giggle again at the cosmic choreography.

I really don't currently have a grasp on the English language enough for me to explain just how much of an arthouse movie scene this moment was. But when I approached home, supplies ready, I couldn't help but appreciate even more the waves and smiles, dancing and heroism from the neighbours. How surreal.


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    PS you need to update your copyright line... is 2010 my dear :D

  2. Thanks Mel!

    have changed to 2010 now. Am still at the stage of finding the date extremely confusing to write!