Feb 19, 2010

neglected art

February has been a month of many things. An anniversary of tragedy, a time to reflect, and on a less serious note, a time to fall in love… with my iPhone. Having discovered I hold the interweb in the palm of my hand, I’m absolutely delighted by the fact that I can do so many wonderful things while standing in queues, lying in bed, taking a break at work… the list in endless! Turning on the computer seems so passé, so …2009. Then I realized, while I have been able to email on the go, tweet, status update and flickr upload, I’ve been neglecting my journeying of visual delights, and, more importantly, rolling by the wayside my creative endeavors! So, in an attempt to foil the evil plans of my iPhone, I shall be back, online and on art, and not checking out the latest apps to download! (Though, feel free to recommend some...)

Last weekend was a crafty, ziney kind of day with my delightful friend Amelia. We entered the Degraves Street subway  for a zine fair -Festival of the Photocopier- that was visually delightful, and potentially a drain on our purses! Above, photos of my haul.

Credits where credits are possible:

Becoming a homemaker | Amanda
Dealing with Post-Human Abilities | Dana Maxwell Cooke
Comic of Smallness | Friendly Ben
Audrey & Audrey | Ayano Takeuchi
I Fit In | Just to annoy you!

Above: My app addiction: Matryoshka
(I've been theming my Dolls, above I've gone B&W- A poolga iPhone background, a photo of street art & a Kerry Smith image I had on my phone.)

Have even planned my next post, so I’ll be back soon, talking about Dusty Caravan!


  1. hooray hoorah. AND the next post planned! Wow. I told you the iphone wasn't good for you :P

  2. ha ha ha - I think I'm the only person on earth without an iphone! Seems like alot of people fall in love with theirs too. I can understand I suppose. LOL. Looking forward to reading more of your posts, and so nice to see you back, with that lovely haul too! xo