Mar 1, 2010

the Dusty Caravan

Helping a friend clean up her things before the grad exhibition for fine arts students at RMIT, I had the pleasure of meeting Hollie Marie Kelley, who I thought was just that talented I nicked work she was throwing away. (I should post a picture, its so pretty!)

Upon stealing her 'rejects' I sheepishly told her that I’d have a look at her things on Etsy. Hollie was the first fellow Etsy seller I had met, and, needless to say, I thought her things were pretty darn good!

I haven’t yet purchased something from Hollie (I blame the artists budget) but I can hold firm to another promise- a bit of a blog shout out!

It looks like Hollie is going places in the art & craft world, and I wish her all the best!

Links to Hollie’s Dusty Caravan BLOG & ETSY

I can’t talk about RMIT graduates without blogging about my awesome buddy Beka, and the delightful George. So more to come!


  1. Hey love glad you're back online. Just letting you know the BLOG link at the bottom of this doesn't link to Hollie's blog, it just gives me a biger version of the photo from the top of the post. Looking forward to the next ones :)

  2. Thanks, Meels!

    All fixed! You can now see Hollies blog!