Jun 12, 2010

letter love

Have a look at Lovely Pip's Blog. As usual, its adorable, inspirational, and all-round inviting!
She is hosting  a genius Envelope Project.

I'm in, and you should be, too!

Might blog about what I'm sending in... I'll think about it!


  1. Hello, CL! Good to see shimmer and glow is back. The internet is nowhere near as nice a place without you xx

  2. Hello Miss Meels!

    No promises about being dedicated to the interweb cause, but I'll give it a burl! Will share all the awesome stuff I find if you promise to continue to do the same! :)

    Looking forward to catching up in blog-life & real life, too! Baba Budan java juice soon?

  3. this is awesome! i'll have to find some time and get creative again :) thanks for this!!!xox

  4. Hey Kate!

    Are you in on the Envelope Project?