Jun 22, 2010

yes, I do love Able & Game

So I'm the first to admit I love following fellow art & crafters on twitter. They can be so inspirational, hilarious, and downright awesome, especially when they offer free stuff!

Able and Game tweeted recently that they would be making a facebook page for one of their cute little guys, and I correctly picked the culprit: mixtape guy, Archie Cassette!

Already a big fan of Anna & Gareth's stuff, I recommend you become a big fan, too! They officially*  produce the BEST father's day cards available, ever. I tell almost everyone how much I love Able and Game, but not my friends, I don't want them to be in on my secret, I want to be able to continue to give them the coolest cards out!

On an exciting note, can't wait to attempt to convince my boss to stock some Able & Game cards. Lets see how I go! Shall take my little pack to work and I'm sure she'll be smitten. Thanks, guys!

(*As decided by me, in 2008. I know these things.)

1 comment:

  1. So, to whet your appetite, schmoopy boy stories contain reference to Able and Game cards. Oh yes indeedy :)