Sep 19, 2010

I'll post you my dreams

Beautiful postcard packaging from Jen Collins

I’ve gone a little postcard dotty. A few weeks ago I decided to join the Postcrossing revolution. I’ve been watching bloggers (such as Goodnight Little Spoon) and friends have such an old-fashioned-fanciful time, that I decided I wanted to join the merriment. There is something almost magical about receiving in the mail items other than bills or online purchases. (Unfortunately currently reduced, due to art funded budgetary cutbacks.) 
So I’ve been sleuthing out postcards. I’ve been planning on designing my own postcards since I started studying design, (so, an idea almost a decade in the making!) but, in the years following I’ve been caught up with so many other little projects, plans, and grandiose ideas. I’ve sleuthed out some classic Australiana numbers, the kind I don’t like myself, but I know others will!  I’d like to make some of my own. Sans akubra hats, beer and stereotype.
Postcard purchased in Daylesford 

To my current collection of postcards to send off, I’ve been remembering to be a tourist in my local areas and on my day trips, finding paper signposts to add to the map that is the journey of me. And, of course, I’ve been online. I’ve purchased some lovelies from Hello Jenuine and Inaluxe, (a couple of favourites of mine.) 

Jen Collins (Hello Jenuine)

Slight problems arise when purchasing from favourite artists’ cards. Including, but not limited to: sticking to a budget, choosing which to keep for myself, and not worrying that I’ll wreck them with a spelling error or ink smudges! 

 Kristina Sostarko (Inaluxe)
Executive decision has been made, now, to gather the 2B’s and the bank pad, and get a-sketchin’. Make my own to add to my collection ready to post to every corner of the globe. In the mean time, I’ll relish my trips to the letterbox, anticipating in childlike fashion a postcard from a place I can only imagine, from a person who might well be just as lovely as you!
Join in the Postcrossing revolution: here
Inaluxe goes to Belarus: here


  1. thanks for posting about my postcards! so glad you like them. :)

  2. I LOVE them!

    Thanks, Jen!

  3. Hi Corinne, thank you for the lovely mention! Bet you'll have loads of fun with the post crossing, and how gorgeous is the packaging from hellojenuine! Love that! Have a great weekend. xo K

  4. I'm loving Postcrossing! It appeals to my inner child, little bits of magic in my letterbox.

    I'm just glad I can send some pretty little bits of magic on with postcards like yours!

    And I love Jen's packaging, I was so excited when I saw it I think I did a little dance. :D