Oct 13, 2010

journals and kitties and mail, oh my!

The lovely Kate invited me to take part in the 1001 Journals project she organised a few months ago. I was super excited when it arrived the other day in the mail! Check out the stunning work of the person before me...

Isn’t it fabulous?  I have put a few marks in the book myself...

But I’ll need to send it on soon, or I’ll use too many pages! I’m tempted to get involved in more 1001 Journals projects, or maybe even start my own!
Also on the mail front, I sent a little pack to Goodnight Little Spoon, and am excited to see that it arrived

If you feel like sending a pretty letter, I recommend you send one to Bianca, address above!

And Hello, Kitty! Coco’s working the granny. 


  1. I love your pages and the pages of the person before you! Amazing work! My 1001 journal is sadly awol at the moment. I'm trying not think about it because it makes me so sad. I think I'll have to start another one soon. And of course, your package was dreamy! Can't wait to write back (zine is in an envelope waiting for me to buy stamps!)

  2. Thanks, Bianca!

    It would be very sad to see a journal go missing. :(

    Excited to receive the zine!

    I saw your long letter writing list, you are a busy lady!

  3. I love Biancas blog and she certainly does have a whole lot of people to write to.

    Thanks for the request to join mailart 365 - I've added you to the blog now, so feel free to write your introduction and lets start posting tomorrow!


  4. Thanks, Mischief!

    I'll pop you an email re: this!

    It is December first here already!

    OOhhh! :D

  5. Yes indeed it is! The fun has already started!