Nov 21, 2010

.gif is not a dirty word

For so long the internet has been all about the sparkly gif that celebrates St Patricks day, Christmas ('Ohh, look, there is SNOW falling over that clip art tree!') and other inane things such as the phrase "I love you gurrrrrl" with pink 'bling'. I'm not sure if you can tell where I'm headed, but I'm really not a fan. 

I wont completely dismiss a good gif though. Actually, I'll go so far as to say I don't mind an ALRIGHT gif! I mean- a kitty playing with a feather? Show me more! 

The other day I found If we don't, remember me. Absolutely worth a look. This is a place where the gif becomes art. 

Note well how David Lynch filmography lends itself to a gif. Not surprising, really! 

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