Nov 11, 2010

a new house and a casserole

I’ve loved the little treasures arriving in my mail box. I’ve not been doing as much traditional art lately, but I have been spending some of my time sending pretty letters. I received two delightful & strangely similar postcards a couple of weeks ago; right at the same time I discovered I’ll be moving into a new home! It really was serendipitous! 
Casserole is definitely the food equivalent of my home to be. At the moment it is full of retro-y goodness! It even has its own wallpaper trompe l’oeil! Part of me wants this feature to stay, but I have a feeling it will get a big slathering of white paint and become a fresh and blank canvas. 

So when 2 casserole cards arrived in my letterbox, it was a sign! I had to google the card with the recipe. Not knowing what Larvets were, I could only guess by the image on the front... W O R M S ...worm casserole! Camel assumes me they taste alright, but I’m not so sure! 
Maybe I could source some witchetty grubs as a substitute? Looking forward to my new location & my new domestic goddess opportunities and my vegetable garden! (OOhh, maybe I can DIG for worms...)

I couldn't find any Larvets on the McPhee website, but you know what I did find? Some handy worm themed toothpicks, great for that after dinner Larvet-in-teeth-extraction. Head here. (There are some things on this site I'd love to give to friends for Christmas! Dang lack of international postage. 

Thanks again, Camel!


  1. Anonymous12.11.10

    Your a sweet heart...
    hope the new house rocks...

    and if you really want some larvets - it can be arranged...

    The BBQ flavor is quite yummy actually.

    Glad to be a part of your blog & thanks for hooking me up with Andy & his wall...

    how fun...

  2. Anonymous12.11.10

    oh & if you want anything in particular from Archies....
    it is just down the street from my house....

    X-Mas is coming you know

  3. Just down the street?! I would ALWAYS be there! I love the idea of modern curios type products!

    I love it all the freak show figurines, the narwals revenge, and the 'How to get along with boys' book- Hilarious! I wouldn't know where to start!

    Do the worms really taste that good? In an "I have a hankering for larvets" kind of way?

    Too good!