Aug 15, 2011

Candied Peel

 My candied peel adventure turned out to be quite successful. I was slightly skeptical, but the final product was a beautiful sweet I was proud to boast I had prepared! I'm thinking I need to make another batch before I'm out of oranges! 

I never follow a recipe, I love making things up as I go along. For the candied peel I did a little reading of other recipes before I mingled several steps together for my own batch. Below are the basics. 

10 citrus fruits (I used 7 lemons and 3 oranges.)
Sugar syrup (Equal parts water and caster sugar.)
Caster sugar 

M E T H O D 
Thoroughly scrub fruits with a vegetable brush to clean. My orange tree was rather muddy, so this was rather hard work! 

Use fruits for juice, cupcakes, a snack, anything! THEN: Carefully remove peel away from the white rind on citrus fruits. Remove as much rind as possible, as this effects the flavour of the candy. Trim your rind pieces into shapes you desire. (I'm thinking maybe next time I might use tiny little cutters to make shapes, stars maybe?)

In a medium saucepan, place the trimmed rind and cool water. Bring to boil, and leave to boil for at least half an hour. Drain rind, then complete the process again, starting with cool water. Rinse. 

In the medium saucepan, add sufficient sugar syrup to cover the peel. Slowly bring to boil, then turn down slightly til your rind is sitting at just above a simmer. Keep a careful eye on your concoction, as it slowly reduces down and the sugar syrup thickens. Stir if needed. When the syrup is thick and the peel looks sufficiently candied (Peel will be transparent and jelly-looking), remove and strain. 

Place caster sugar in a bowl. Individually sugar each piece of peel, and place on baked paper or paper towel. Place the peel somewhere safe to set overnight. Store in an airtight container. 


  1. Yum, i am trying it this weekend, ill let you know how it goes.xx

  2. Oh, hello Nic!
    Did you try it? How did it go?

  3. Hello Lovely! - I'm Rin for short but my full name is Corinne! I found you via The Scribble Project. I adore your "Face,Pace,Race" one. It is Beautiful! Anyway I rarely meet another Corinne (Let alone one from Australia! - I'm in sydney!) So i just thought I'd drop in & Say Hello! & Beautiful Blog!
    Peace, Love & Happy Holidays - Rin @ Papered Thoughts

  4. Hi Rin! (You have an awesome name!)

    I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier, I've been very caught up in the festive season! Thank you for your sweet comments! I'll have to add your blog to my blog reader now!

    Have a lovely Australia Day! I hope it is a holiday for you!