Mar 4, 2012


Sometimes op-shopping offers an excellent distraction from all that is going on around you. A building full of stories, objects once loved- I love rummaging through lots of stuff looking for that perfect find. Mr H, A and I tacked an op-shop visit on to our cafe meet, and it was so very worth it! I found fabulous finds!

1. Painted gumnut necklace. I'm going to re-thread it so that it sits lower, and maybe add on some extra beads. I thought the nuts just looked so pretty!

2. Book: Be Bold with Bananas. I purchased this largely because I found the title humorous, (I must be a teenaged boy,) and discovered that it has some unique recipes within! Who knew banana went with meat, orange, egg and olives!

3. Star Wars cushion cover. I'm sure I let out a childish squeal when I saw this. I was going to give it to my nephew, then I decided it was just too cool, and that I had to keep it for myself! (Bad Aunty!)

4. Vintage milk glass Sunbeam mixing bowl. For Christmas 2011 I received a Sunbeam mixer, and I love it so! I've noticed that with some of the baking I do, multiple mixing bowls would help- especially with the royal icing I've been doing on biscuits. Sunbeam doesn't seem to sell extras, so I have been looking out for one that will fit my machine. One has been found! I'll still keep an eye out for a few more, one more of each, large and small.

So what do you think of my finds?

In other news, there's a new project in the works! Keep your eyes peeled!

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