Apr 20, 2012

An exciting new project!

I have started a new project! It is in its infancy at the moment, but hopefully I will have the motivation and continued passion to keep this one going, as it seems like it will be lots of fun!

Junior Crafternoon is to be a blog of children's craft activities, projects to educate, inspire confidence, and encourage family bonding. I also hope it will be a collaborative place, where I can help others with purpose made craft resources, and others can help me develop cooler, more kid-perfect concepts!

I have to admit that I am not always so great with some of my projects, this poor neglected blog being a prime example! This may be a new start, a change in the air for Shimmer & Glow and all my creative processes! Here's hoping!

I recently moved house, and had a few big life changes that cause for contemplation and reflection. My new home has a sycamore tree in the back yard, and Autumntime has it releasing its beautiful seed pods, little helicopters, inspiring my imagination and sense of tranquility. There is a sense of order and balance about the beautiful dance of the graceful seed pod as it journeys on to new beginnings.

Watch this video to see sycamore seeds falling. So pretty!

(The seed pods are my current favourite sketching subject.)

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