May 19, 2012

Inspiration: Things I am afraid to tell you

I've felt so honored recently, to be a witness to a not-so-secret-circle of bloggers who are revealing intimate concerns, worries and fears. I must say, these amazing people are braver than I! I thought about revealing a secret or two, but I just cannot bring myself to reveal my inner pain.

I am, however, learning so much from these women. As they open up, it is clear to me that many of my troubles, worries and fears are just like those of the women whom I admire most. The fact that there is a human behind the brilliance just makes me more impressed and proud!

I find it so fascinating the pressures we place on ourselves in relation to what we see others do. This evening I caught myself wondering if the awesome Pip Lincolne actually had a ghost writer! (And not this kind.) With time on tv, books, the editing and some writing for JustB; she makes me tired just thinking about her career! And we can't forget she also has time for her adorable family! And crafts! so many awesome crafts! I'm only singling out Pip out of admiration. She has achieved things many of us dream of doing, and she has brilliant time management, I'm guessing!

It does seem, however, that many of the images we see on the internet have become something of a personification of expected perfection. We want to be perfect Stepford Wives, and will be happy with nothing less. And this baffles me. I do not have children, and I wonder, how DO people do all of these wonderful things while running households? I see people around me achieve wonderful things.

I just hope that they are remembering to nurture themselves. And I thank them.

And I thank you.

We are all human together.

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