Jun 27, 2012

Mail for Miette

You know what? I'm going to suggest you do something today. I'm going to suggest you read about Miette Skiller. (Or even better, watch this clip.)

And once you've done that, you are going to want to send her a letter. I know I did.

One other thing I will request of you, though. Miette seems to be receiving an awful lot of 'get well soon' greetings. I'd request that you opt not to send her that kind of message. Rather, try sending a note full of light and love, and talk to her like you would a child who is not facing what Miette sadly is. Let her be a princess, let her dream, and let her be full of love.

Thank you. And thank you Rin for sharing Miette's story.

Photo of Miette is care of Miette's mother's blog documenting their journey. 

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