Sep 18, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about what it means to shimmer and glow. I can't help focussing on antonyms. I came up with some pretty depressing words: darkness, dimness, gloom, shadow shade.

I don't often feel like I shimmer or glow. But I do spend a lot of my time trying to. Instead of being a radiant, fulfilled woman, I become those dreary antonyms. If I cannot achieve in leaps and bounds, then surely I have failed. I feel the gloominess of those antonyms as my expectations of myself are never met, and I feel I have let myself and others down.

So I've been trying to redirect the benchmark I set for a full and contented life. I'm trying not to look at the women I admire and what they do as benchmarks for my own life, but simply inspiration. We need to be realistic about the goals we set ourselves, and the obstacles we have in our way.

I'm pretty private about my obstacles. But what I will say is that I, like many others, experience some pretty debilitating stuff that impacts my daily life. At Casa de Shim we refer to the 'stuff' as 'playing life on hard'. It is important for us to remember that our journey is our own, to be proud of where we are at, of how far we have come, and to accept that we are individual, unique and special in our own way.

Let the journey continue...

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