Sep 26, 2012

Today I discovered Choctober.  

Choctober just happens to focus on two things quite dear to me. My first love, Chocolate; and change in the lives of people battling mental health issues, disability, homelessness, substance abuse issues, addictions, and social and economic hardship.

Reclink had my attention at 'Choc'. From there I read about what they actually do and decided that this was a challenge I can get behind. 

Saying goodbye to chocolate for a month is a task that cannot be understated. I'm a lady who really likes her chocolate. When things go wrong, I turn second to chocolate. (first if my boyfriend is not around for cuddles.) Chocolate is my ultimate comfort food.  Even when I'm on the healthiest of diets, I still ensure some chocolate works its way into the regime.

Oops, Click this awesome link here instead: DONATE or TAKE PART TODAY!

So I'd love it if you could sponsor me. The amount you'd spend on a chocolate fix, or the any amount you can. Also, you can work on a stockpile of chocolate for November 1st. It's a date.

Who are Reclink Australia?
Reclink Australia is a not for profit organisation (ABN 53 046 843 443 ACN 131 719 027) whose mission is to provide sporting, social, health and arts activities to enhance the lives of thousands of Australians experiencing social isolation and disadvantage.

Reclink Australia now supports almost 500 other charities and community organisations with access to over 10,000 activities each year. This year alone [they] have helped rebuild the lives of thousands of disadvantaged Australian's with over 95,000 participation opportunities created through programs offered across [the Reclink] national network. 

Reclink on Facebook 

Chocolate Image credit: Hozinja via Flickr
The image above was found via a Creative Commons search.  


  1. I'm so inspired by your challenge Corrine! Thanks for sharing and look forward to a donation from me soon :)

  2. Thanks Kate! Do you think you might give it a go? A donation would be brilliant, it's for such a fantastic cause! (Which, coincidently, offer yoga to their target audience...)