Oct 4, 2012

A little bit bookish.

I'm on day four of my chocolate ban hiatus. So far, so good, although this is possibly because a four day break is not completely uncommon. It's the larger numbers I think I'm really afraid of! (Thirty one whole days...) Despite my attempt at healthy eating and weight loss I have found something that seems to distract me from my beloved chocolate. In the form of potato morsels flavoured with excesses of  salt, vinegar and an unknown vegetable oil. (An interesting read about S&V chips here.*) Mum, if you're reading this, Guess what! I discovered I love salt and vinegar chips! So, for the previous twenty something years that I could have been eating these delightful fatty, starchy gems, I've been avoiding them. No longer, my friends! I have been converted. Watch out for your chips.

On another note, my chocolate withdrawal may be causing me to send odd email requests filled with apparently witty jokes to tech support and customer service staff. (Wait, wait, I've always done that. Can't blame the lack of chocolate!)

So... I was trying to log on to my favourite online book store. When I failed I decided to word up a rather playful, and (what I thought) entertaining request for help. I'm generally in for brightening someones day, if I can, and I figure if I look like a fool in the process it really doesn't matter, it's just harmless fun.

Checking my email this morning, I get a little excited when I see in my inbox the potential awesome response to my whimsy filled banter. When I open the email, I see this:

Dear Corrine 

I'm afraid I have no additional information to the product description. We do not have titles here with us in our warehouse to check.

Corrine? Product description? Warehouse check?
I'll forgive the name spelling. It happens so frequently that I really can't fuss. I even found myself putting two r's in my name once. It's just one of those (drunken?) things. While I'm hoping this customer service rep wasn't drunk, I don't know if I can forgive the lack of reading of my awesome email. An email with the subject “I can't log in!” should be an indicator that I'm not looking for a specific title, shouldn't it? I'm pretty sure I pressed the 'site feedback' button. If 'site' actually means warehouse, maybe they should be a little more specific.

The point is, I'm not angry or upset. I just don't know then next step to take! I've pulled out the silly charm card, a card which was clearly trumped by unenthused customer service rep. I've been planning my response all day. Trying to come up with words that both make me feel cheery and get me logged back into a website so I can buy more freakin' books.

I think this time I expect a bloody awesome reply, web bookshop customer service! In the mean time I've cleared my cookies, which made me think about chocolate chip cookies, which made me think about chocolate. Now I'm not so chirpy any more.

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Today's image credit: Tyne & Wear Archives via flickr creative commons. Hearts my addition. 

*My inner designer is really surprised at the review chip packets. Here in Australia there is an unspoken expectation that there will be a recognisable splash of purple on the packaging.  When I was studying we designed chip packets without their telltale colours, an interesting exercise!

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