Oct 7, 2012


Today is the first day I've really been keen for a chocolate. The first day where I feel impressionable, quick to respond to advertising, and... 

...and I just found this in my inbox. Choco-licious! INDEED! Thanks, Grocery Run,* I know you mean well, but now I really have chocolate on my mind.

So instead I'm going to watch kitties on YouTube and eat porridge.
Yummy porridge that I bought from Grocery Run, so I guess they are forgiven.
For your fix of kitty cute, try the kittehs below. Cat's trump chocolate any day.

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*I'm not advertising for Grocery Run. I'm just a distracted chocolate lover. Although... I'd be totally cool with them sending me some Lindt on the first of November... Also, Lindt, if you are interested, I'm open to advertising your chocolates... And macarons at the Lindt cafe...

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