Nov 29, 2012


 October disappeared. It may have had something to do with not eating chocolate (Was I a little delirious?) Then November up and whisked itself away with the pixies too. November became a month of serious planning, as H and I are to be wed! It turns out I relish the role of quirk-bride-event-planner, and have spent most of my free time looking for cheap supplies on eBay and crocheting heart shaped garlands. The aim is to have an engagement soiree that fits our tiny budget, while still being beautiful, because, hey. I like pretty things, damn it. The RSVP is looming, and I'm finalising recipes, menus and decorations. H is in charge of music, insomuch as I have provided him with an awesome play list. In saying this I do wonder if I am a bit of a control freak and potential bridezilla! I do think H is pretty happy to have it this way and watch me as I flap around worrying about cat hair on crochet garlands. Apart from the pretty, I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and letting my hair out. (Which will be up, of course, style chosen, and approved by my mum/ hair stylist.)(Thank you Mum and Pinterest.)

I'm not really surprised at how I have embraced the planning. It is certainly an excellent distraction from the tough times. As is being engaged to the love of my life. It brings me great joy and ALL THE SMILES!

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