Nov 30, 2012

The Snipping Institute

I love gift wrapping. For as long as I can remember, I've made a big fuss about the gifts I give, the ribbon on them, and how they are presented. It is all a big love affair for me. Sometimes I'll give a gift with a simple wrap. Other times with lavish bows that go on for days. I was, at one stage, working with one of my best friends and gift wrapping for a living. This was a very good job for me! (Access to discounted supplies an added bonus.) 

Mail and gift wrap and parcels- these are a few of my favourite things!

These days my budget for wrap is pretty low. My minimal funds generally go toward gifts, rather than ribbons and papers. But I still sneak it in, here and there. This festive season I've combined economical bakers twine (I have fifty gasquillion metres a lot of it.), Buttons from Skull Buttonry (All profits go to Foundation 18) {See also Cate Bolt, blogger, Humanitarian.}, And gift wrap from Boheem Design. I happened upon Boheem on my search for awesome paper, and discovered that they are an awesome creative firm. {Portfolio|Shop} and they are really lovely! 

Hoorah for pretty festive wrap!

Here just a few of my many gift wrapping tips! (Some slightly unconventional, but all tried and tested on thousands of parcels and presents.) Welcome to The Snipping Institute!

1 Always neat-fold with seams.

 This will disguise wonky cutting, while giving a finished look to your gifts.

2 Use valley folds for odd shapes.

This technique is especially helpful when wrapping awkward shapes, and works best with high quality/heavier weight wrap. Creating folds to support the overall shape of your wrap with make wrapping odd shapes much easier. Remember to take this into account when adding ribbon, do not cinch in too much and crinkle the paper.

3 Trim away excess.

When working at the ends of you gift, trimming away the excess paper stops that bulky mess that sometimes occurs with many layers of paper. Trimming the excess offers a much neater finish, one that is easier to fold.

4 Tidy ends.

A combination of 1&3. 
Trimming away excess at the end & folding an even neat flat help the paper sit nicely.  

5 Wing it!

Pretty isn't always about perfection. Sometimes we can't fold the gift wrap quite the way we want, and end up with a terrible mess! (This generally happens to me on seemingly the easiest of gifts to wrap.) Remember that ribbon will either cover or distract from little accidents. I also have a habit of handing gifts to the recipient prettiest side forward. Your other option is to embrace it, and go for a free form style you are proud of!

6 Bring your twine or ribbon underneath 
to the spot you want it on the top.

This seems logical, but it is easy to forget. I often cross my twine while the parcel is right side up, and if you don't get it in just the right spot, you will have a wonkyly positioned bow. (If this is the case, slightly nudge it to one side. Pretend you were going for an asymmetrical look all along.)

7 {Button threading}
  • Tie off base knot
  • Thread back to front diagonal two holes with first end
  • Thread back to front remaining diagonal two holes with second end
  • Bunny ear twine and tie knot behind button.
  • Trim ends

The Snipping Institute may well offer more tips. Let me know if you have a specific wrapping problem, and I'll Agony Aunt it for you.

Image credits
Vintage elements Graphics Fairy
Gift Wrap Boheem 



  1. Anonymous19.12.12

    I know we are all struggling with the cost of wrapping supplies and the need to be green. Check out Furoshiki (Google it!) You might love this whole new, (and ancient) world of beautiful wrapping! Also it can be used in our daily lives, not just on a holiday! :) Enjoy!

  2. I love Furoshiki too! I've tried my hand at it a few times. Beautiful tea towels are always a handy and reusable fabric! And vintage scarves, too. I will certainly look into how to use correct techniques, though! Thank you!