Feb 22, 2013

Inspiring Women, I.

 Something arrived for me in the mail yesterday. A sweet print from Bianca Jagoe, aka Goodnight Little Spoon

You can buy Bianca's print. And others, sweet! 

The thing about Bianca is that she is such an inspiration. No time like the present to start posting little posts about women who inspire me. And who better than Bianca to start with!

Inspirational Bianca.
Though I have never met Bianca in real life, I get the impression that she is a passionate live-r of life. Following her blog you see her find joy in the little things- the postie arriving, among many other things. (check out her lists). The beauty in things that others have given away, and of course, she loves cats, so the girl is alright with me!

Bianca and her husband married last year, (A bearded man, I approve.) And her attention to beauty and detail really carried through their special day. I really do hope I can create something that shows our personalities and makes everyone happy, too! {Also, B&C had a paper moon. As a little girl, I didn't really dream of a princess wedding. But I did want to have a paper moon. So it's going to happen! Awesome inspiration, Bianca!}

Further to all of this, Bianca is one talented lady. It's always exciting to see the things she has created, and what is coming next in the Jagoe household. (Currently there is a teeny project underway, so keep your eyes on B's blog!)

I wrote this post because I think that Bianca is awesome. She is first in a series of inspirational women I plan on sharing with you in the future. I wont tell these women before I post, it might be a pretty nice surprise for them!) (So no kickbacks, just sharing the love.) 

If you know any inspirational women, let me know. I'm always keen to discover women who are on a similar journey to me. A possible series on inspirational men may follow. Maybe only bearded men.

Image credits 
Inspirational Women: US National Archives. Creative Commons.
Instagram photo S&G
Goodnight Little Spoon, Bianca's header, via Bianca's blog.

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