Mar 3, 2013

Inspiring Women, I.S••• Modern Etiquette/Grace Bonney.

I think Grace Bonney is rather brave in correlating the notions of social interaction in her new series, Modern Etiquette. She's spent years now doing works of a modern Martha, (sans convictions) so I suppose it is only fitting that she help us delve into this quite specific art of being human. Grace is not venturing alone, her articles feature mini-interviews of some of the design/modern/hipster elite. (Writers of blogs with the word Design in the title, who are now world renowned, and also have awesome jobs.)

With anonymity and social globalisation issues arising as the internet cements itself into the daily lives of more and more people, a rehashing of etiquette seems to be a gray, confusing area, cloaked in the notion that people will 'know their audience.' However, I've found the things Grace reminds us of to be ever so useful.
Gah! Anna Emilia, your work is so pretty!

Why is Grace an Inspiring Woman? 
Bonney has managed to gracefully (indeed, the most fitting word.) navigate her way through the complications of life, while still being in quite a public position. She has endured personal stressors that not all of us would have handled so well, should we have found ourselves sitting down at night with a glass of red and the knowledge that many eyes were on everything you wrote.

Grace, you've embraced thoughtful etiquette, and you are an inspiring woman! 

I've found myself searching the internet for answers (You can scoff, I know this is the hobby of most humans!) Organising our engagement and wedding we have found that there are some social conundrums that we just couldn't come to conclusions to on our own. Most of us are raised with a set of personal etiquette (Thanks, Mum!), which is always good to lean back on,but sometimes doesn't cut it in relation to formal and informal communication via the internet. I have solved some of my etiquette issues via Emily Post, some after pestering friends and family, and others by concluding that I may indeed be doing the wrong-manners-thing, but that I thought it was the best choice at the time.

When interacting on the interweb, I attempt to communicate only in ways that my grandmother would appreciate. I've always thought this would be the kind of neutral ground that I could take. I've spoken to my fiance about this issue many times. People can say the most horrible things on the internet. I'm choosing not to be one of those people. I'm sure I've said things I'm less than proud of (as Grace discusses.) but I do have control over the way I conduct my future words. So maybe it is time to adopt a new reflection- 'What would Grandma and Grace say?'

I wrote this post because I think that Grace is awesome. And I think etiquette is not bad either.
(No kickbacks, just sharing the love.) 
*At some point I will get around to writing the 1/4 of Grace's Inspiring Women post.

If you know any inspirational women, let me know. I'm always keen to discover women who are on a similar journey to me. A possible series on inspirational men may follow. Maybe only bearded men.

Image credits 
Inspirational Women: US National Archives. Creative Commons.

Illustration by Anna Emilia For Design Sponge

S••• -the Roman numerals I don't remember learning. S••• is 3/4. 

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