Apr 27, 2013

...on sharing and secrets.

 Where do all the secrets go?

As my old fashioned tendencies become more apparent, I wonder if other parts of my odd little mind are stuck in Pleasantville.

I have what some might call leftist ideals, I'm all for equality, I'm all for choice.

But there's something that I don't understand. (Well, there are many, many things I don't understand, but for the sake of today's discussion, let us imagined I've figured out life, bar this one little persnickety bit.)

I'm confused by secret sharing with the world wide interweb. And I wonder how much of my confusion is wrapped up in denial, or jealousy, or some other buzzword of emotion.

Everyone has a 'thing'. Something that you have to actively deal with, strenuously work on, that you worry about, and that makes up a portion of the definition of who you are. But do you want everyone have access to that piece of information?

I've read countless blogs about survivors, patients, sufferers. I've cried along with some of you. I've signed petitions supporting the causes of others. I feel closer to these internet-stranger-friends, but I worry. I worry that the internet is not always a kind place. Friends have shared stories of blog-reader retaliation, because these little things we hold so dear- our weaknesses and sadnesses, our private passions and our reason for blogging; these things effect them, in their own way, or their own diagnosis, too.

Sometimes I want to comment to these bloggers that I read, "Your story sounds just like mine." "You give me hope and a sense of courage!" "Thank you for your bravery!" But I am not brave. (Insomuch as sharing with the internet my secrets.)

Sometimes I wonder if it will be liberating. But I do not know. And I worry. Because I know that this is not a simple pondering.

Do you share big private details on the internet?
How has this been for you?
Do you own your cause?

{Image credits: Librarian from New Ulm  (US National Archives) edited with Grandaunt's handwriting from Mellowmint.}


  1. I think sharing secrets is a very personal experience. What is acceptable for one, will not be acceptable for another. I think what "we" {no one in particular, just us as people, or blog readers} have to decide what is best for us. I share personal information on the internet, of course, but I only share so much. I want to keep parts of my life sacred to me and those who know me personally.

  2. I think you are right, Autumn. It's a very subjective thing.

    Sometimes, though, these things come to the forefront, and I wonder, would blogging these things be a good idea? It works for many people. I'm very cautious on the idea, though.

  3. I feel like you need to be cautious with what you share. If you couldn't cope with a bad reaction, then you shouldn't share it.If you feel like you can, and you want to try to connect with people in this manner, then why not?

  4. That's very true, Elisse. I suppose that is my reason to remain guarded, really. I'm no different than others in my situation, other than the fact that I'm dressing myself in a bubblewrap suit!