Apr 11, 2013

vintage waves

Florence rocks finger waves.
Twenty nine. Thirty. 
Family and friends did the most amazing job of making my day a delight. 
(Oddly enough,  30 holds the same problems and promises.)
Distraction of the moment? Finger waves. A vintage hair style I'm pretty sure I can make work. (My half-baked curls occasionally finger wave themselves, that's a start, right?) I'm figuring if I practice enough, I'll have my Wedding Hair down. Hell, maybe all my bridesmaidens will chose styles via YouTube, and we can DIY together!

A vacuum cleaner used as a hair dryer, 1962 || Nationaal Archief
(...maybe not quite like this, though.)

So I've been all over the internet, learning more, watching tutorials, contemplating if pomade was designed for fine hair. (Still no conclusions, any ideas?)
I've been doing some Pinning, too.
Some say NO HAIRSPRAY. Others say NO GEL. I say THANK YOU, ladies, for encouraging me to search for the perfect style and technique. Challenge accepted. 

Vega of the seven seas || Vega's Pinterest boards (are awesome) || Creative Commons image licence
I have a serious case of clip want right now. 

It seems that, second to hair, wave clips or clamps are the most important part of this style. (See the ones in Vega's hair above, Or Marianne's hair over at Esme and the Laneway) I've found some vintage ones via Etsy, some on eBay, and some on Amazon. It appears that the newer ones aren't generally as sturdy as the old ones, but you can purchase more clips for your cash if you go new.

So for the moment, I have serious hair clip envy. I'm keeping an eye out for supplies needed for vintage style-styling.  Maybe it's time for a trip to Daiso.

If you see some well priced clips, let me know! 

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