Jun 4, 2013

The ugly cry.

Nope, she still looks adorable. The search for ugly crying continues.

I understand a desire to look ones best. Granted, the understanding of the concept and execution of steps to achieve success are some distance away. This distance, however, has nothing to do with my dislike of the notion of the "ugly cry". The more time I spend on wedding research, the more I realise that some brides can be quite specific when it comes to the roles of their loved ones in their special day. Down to the way faces contort while expressing emotion.

If you want to see Hollywood's most renowned 'ugly crying' actress, (For purposes of visual definition, of course) my research returns a resounding Claire Danes result. As a person very familiar with active tear ducts, I appreciated watching actress Kristen Bell talk about her emotions. Tears come at both ends of the scale. Unless the precarious middle is maintained, tears are possible. Happy tears are possibly one of the most fabulous things ever. It's as though our brains are so filled with joy that they back flip. So overwhelmed with emotion, our brains send out responses that seem to apparently contradict our contentment or elation.

Weddings can be sad times, for some, too. They remind us of people who are no longer with us, of love gone, memories fading and joys that have passed. Polar opposite emotions that generally make our face do that 'ugly' thing.

Not on my account, anyway!
I'm all for it. Our wedding will be garnished with your tears of happiness. Our photos will be all the more precious if they capture the raw emotion you felt while celebrating our big day.

Now I'm just having too much fun photo-editing.

And really, I'd love to have someone ugly cry with me, as I'm sure to be so filled with emotion that I'll be rendered momentarily speechless, face a-squish, and most importantly, full of happiness. 

Really, this 'no ugly cry' request embroidered on handkerchiefs and jokes about at bridal showers, it's bunkum. For any occasion. To be human is to experience emotion.

So your mascara is running, or your false eyelashes unstuck? These are just the decorations uncovering a hidden truth. There is no ugly there at all.

Author Prof Elizabeth Jolley AO her sister, 1927. CC original
Please [do not spit on floor] CC original
Notice CC original 

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