Aug 18, 2013

The New 64

While sunning it up in beautiful Queensland, I stumbled upon this charming copy of The Kama Sutra. (I may or may not have spent more time looking at secondhand books than feeling the sand beneath my toes...) I noticed that the 64 Arts in this version were different from those I've mentioned previously. So I decided, hey, I'm just going to merge the two and make things even more exciting! So below I present to you The New 64.  I've plans to work on these things in daily life, and sometimes I'll make a point of focused attention. They certainly help in living with an awareness of the everyday, reminding me to take beauty in smell, decoration, pampering...  the little things.

For your perusal The New 64;

1} Art of singing.

2} Art of playing on musical instruments.

3} Art of dancing.

4} Union of Dancing, singing and playing instruments.

5} Writing and Drawing.

6} Tattooing.

7} Art of preparing offerings from rice and flowers.

8} Art of making a covering of flowers for a bed // flowers upon the ground.

9} Dyeing, staining and colouring.

10} Art of making the groundwork of jewels.

11} Art of covering the bed // also carpets and cushions for reclining.

12} Art of playing on music in water // in glasses filled with water.

13} Art of splashing with water.

14} Art of practically applying a mixture of colors// Picture Making, trimming and decorating.

15} Stringing of Rosaries, necklaces, garlands and wreaths.

16} Art of practically setting the coronet on the head// binding of turbans and chaplets, and making crests and topknots of flowers.

17} Art of practically dressing in the tiring room.

18} Making ear adornments.

19} Art of practical application of aromatics// Preparing perfumes and odours.

20} Proper jewels and adornments of dress.

21} Art of juggling.

22} A kind of art // A manual skill.

23} Culinary art, Cooking.

24} Making lemonades, sherbets, acidulated drinks and spiritous extracts with proper flavour and colour.

25} Tailors work and sewing.

26} Art of needle works and weaving // Making parrots, flowers, tufts, tassels, bunches out of yarn or thread.

27} Art of playing with thread.

28} “A game, which consisted in repeating verses and as one person finished, another person had to commence at once, repeating another verse, beginning with the same letter with which the last speaker's verse end. Whoever failed to repeat was considered to have lost, and to be in subject to pay a forfeit or stake of some kind.”

29} The art of mimicry or imitation.

30} Reading, including chanting and intoning.

31} “The study of sentences difficult to pronounce. It is played as a game chiefly by women and children and consists of a difficult sentence being given and when repeated quickly, the words are often transposed or badly pronounced.”

32} Practice with a sword, single stick, quarter staff and bow and arrow.

33} Drawing inferences, reasoning or inferring.

34} Carpentry.

35} Art of spinning by spindle.

36} Knowledge about gold and silver coins, jewels and gems.

37} Chemistry and mineralogy.

38} Colouring jewels, gems and beads.

39} Art of metallurgy.

40} Gardening, treating and nourishing trees and plants.

41} Art of mineralogy.

42} Art of practicing medical treatment, by herbs.

43} Applying perfumed ointments to the body, and of dressing the hair with unguents and perfumes braided in.

44} The art of understanding and writing in cypher, and writing words in a peculiar way.

45} Art of healing or cleaning a person with perfumes.

46} Art of combing hair.

47} Art of making flower carriages

48} Art of framing mystical diagrams, addressing spells and charms, binding armlets.

49} Mental exercises, such as completing stanzas or verses or reciting part of them.

50} Composing poems.

51} Knowledge of dictionaries and vocabularies.

52} Knowledge of ways of changing and disguising the appearance of persons.

53} Knowledge of the art of changing the appearance of things, such as cotton to appear as silk, common things to look fine.

54} Art of composing verse mentally.

55} Art of designing a literary work or a medical remedy.

56} Skill in youthful sports.

57} Knowledge of the rules of society, and of how to pay respects and compliments to others.

58} Art of concealment of cloths.

59} Art of knowing specific gambling.

60} Art of playing with dice or magnet. // Art of knowing the character of a man from his features.

61} Art of using children's toys.

62} Art of enforcing discipline.

63} Making artificial flowers.

64} Art of awakening master with music at dawn. // Making figures and images in clay. 

*// indicates a combination of both, rather than a selection of one or the other of the 64.   

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