Sep 13, 2013

32} The art of practicing with a sword.

What might seem like one of the more difficult arts to learn is actually made slightly easier by the fact that I am marrying a man who happens to know how to use a sword, and has, in fact, taught others how to do so too.

I may be his biggest challenge yet.

I am under no illusion I can 'Arya it' (Game of Thrones reference inserted there) but I didn't realise just how much of a bumbling oaf I would seem, trying to be delicate and ladylike, faux sword in hand. I am reminded of ballet lessons I took as a little girl, the time I never really grasped the concept of grace and poise.

But carry on, we must, as I am dedicated to learning the 64 Arts to the best of my ability.

Thrust! Parry! Trip!

Image credits: The Graphics Fairy (Editing mine.)

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