Sep 7, 2013

How to tie the perfect fluffy bow: Deux.

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1) Gather materials. In this case, awesome dinosaur themed presents, wrapped in kraft paper; 5 lengths of assorted 'rainbow' ribbon, the main colour 3 metres long, the rest 1.5-2m long; Dino accessory optional. Don't forget your scissors, too.

As per step one last time, 

2)    Take the main ribbon, (Yellow in this case, a wider ribbon for a fuller effect.) and find the centre by folding it in half. Place the fold in the middle of your parcel, on the top. Open the sides out along the longest length, and carefully wrap them under the present. I like to do this without turning over the parcel, it seems to offer a better result. My technique is to set the parcel onto my thumbs and forefingers. Then twist the ends of the ribbon together, and bring them back up to the top. Ensure that each section at the top now sits flat to the parcel. (You might need to turn the ribbon over to fix this.) 
3)    Slide each of the ribbon ends under the first section of ribbon you worked on Loop the two lengths together and tie into a loose knot. Adjust until it is sitting in the manner you would like, and tie it firmer.
3)    Tie a shoelace/rabbit-ear bow, ensuring each side is similar in length. Gently tighten the bow. If you have remaining ribbon, repeat the process, so that you have two bows nestled  together. Gently tighten this one, it can be a little more delicate.
This main bow forms the framework for the rest of the bow. At the base of each of the four sides, you will attach your additional ribbons.
4)    Take your contrasting colour #1(In this case, blue), folding in half to find the centre, then cut. Decide where you want to place each two pieces (Opposite each other, on the long or short side of the parcel?)

Tie a loose knot of the new ribbon onto the one completed. Push to the very centre of the main bow, and tighten at the base of the bow. Repeat opposite with the same colour, and adjacent with your other contrasting or coordinating ribbon (In this case, four times two). Tie off shoelace bows the same length as your first bows.
If you have an accessory, add it on to the last bow you tie. 

Once you have completed this process, you will likely be left with long tentacles of ribbon that need to be trimmed. I think the bow looks best with the ends trimmed to a length just a tiny bit longer than the bows. If you choose, you could opt to keep them longer, too.) 
5)   To trim the perfect 'V' into your ribbon tails, fold the ribbon in half lengthwise, with the centre of the fold being the place you start the base of your 'V', cutting out on an angle. Alternatively, you could cut the ribbon on the 45. It is important to remember to neaten these edges, as they can fray and look quite messy. 
If your bow is sitting a little flat, you can scoop it up from the bottom and let it drop or you can tease it gently, as you might tease a child's hair. This usually helps the bow spring back into place. I always tease my bow before I give a present. In this case, the dinosaur theme was a major hit.

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