Sep 8, 2013

On fashion bloggers.

 I have friends who have brilliant fashion sense. They wear clothes that pontificate their style, exuding an awesomeness that only they can truly pull off. Whether it be opped and thrifted vintage dresses, or mostly black with touches of purple, I have some friends who really know how to dress.

When we get together for lady-dates, my friends are always looking good. If the world sees them, the world sees them for who they want to be seen. At times this makes me reflect inwardly. See, I spend a lot of my time in sleepwear, and don't blink an eye at wearing my crocs out to the shopping centre. I have very mummy-centric attitudes, without the lack of time. All of my choices are justified with practicalities. "I have a terribly small budget, I can only afford the things I find at Kmart// I need to find clothes that cover my bingo wings/faux-preggers-belly/back boobs// If I wear makeup, I'll just rub it off// my hair turns into a frizz ball if I attempt anything."

Then I click through to the fashion, etc. blogs I follow. I follow women of all shapes and sizes, and women who embrace their own individual style. Just a few:

Frocks & Frou Frou | Queenie and the Dew | Lady Melbourne | Esme and the Laneway |  | The Militant Baker | Falala Mele | Super Kawaii Mama

On personal style- seeing this made me smile:

So I'm on my journey to finding my style. I'm hoping I didn't hide it under the couch cushions. And I'll definitely wear it on my arm.

Image credits:  B&W images via the National Archives of Norway, here &; here
Images used under Creative Commons licencing. 

Coloured images on the B&W images via The Graphics Fairy, my favourite vintage image resource on the WHOLE ENTIRE INTERNET. Terms.

Facebook screencap via my Facebook feed.

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