Sep 2, 2013

On learning

Self directed learning turns out to be much like my uni days. Unless truly motivated, I find myself waxing and waning, half-heartedly devoting myself to the things I think I want to learn. 

Why is it that, when confronted with the 64 Arts, I shy away from the challenge? The journey has been a slow one thus far. My poor beautiful blue uke has had little to no attention, and I can still proffer the fact that when it comes to the uke, I have no idea what I'm doing. So that's arts 1-through-4 on the progress back-burner. Am I a little intimidated? I think I am! 

Beauty based Arts have had a better look in, which might surprise those who know me well. I've You Tubed my way through wet setting 101, and almost had an even, passible curl the next morning. I've explored the idea of using a setting lotion (It sounds so permanent, like a perm, so I'm a little shy of that too!) 

I treated myself to a book (the bestest of luxuries) Style Me Vintage by Naomi Thompson, Belinda Hay & Katie Reynolds. Essentially it's the basics of fashion, hair and beauty from 1920's through to the 1980's. My attentions are focused mostly between the 20's and the 50's, and an amalgamation of all that is in between. Even though I have this fabulous book, I'm still finding myself preferring You Tube for tutorials on vintage hair, namely: Super Kawaii Mama, A Vintage Vanity, The Cherry Dollface  Vintagious & Hollywood Noir Makeup. I'm about to step boldly into the world of red lipstick (I think I was about eight the last time I wore red lipstick, for a ballet recital.) I've always stuck to safe colours, but dang it, I can't wait 'til my Velvetines Red Velvet arrives!

Art 27, the Art of playing with thread has seen a look in, when I made a snood to cover my vintage hair. (Turns out I need a much bigger snood with a wet set!) I found a pattern on Ravelry, and  it was super easy to follow. Now to alter it to fit some rollers, and I'll be set!

Art 19, of practical application of aromatics, and more importantly 45, the Art of healing or cleaning a person with perfumes has been slightly more vague in application. As I type, I am inhaling the scent of freshly blooming jasmine. Aromatics have been, for me, a large part of tapping into mindfulness. Being aware, in the moment, present and in control. 
Mindfulness is an interesting journey. Do you practice mindfulness? 

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