Oct 29, 2013

Just Fair Coffee

I received a tin of coffee to review. I really couldn't knock that one back, now, could I? Being that I am an advocate for the Fair Trade movement, I wanted to give this liquid gold a taste, and see what it was like.

Firstly, here's what Griffiths have to say:

"Griffiths, one of Australia’s first coffee roasters has just launched Just Fair, their new premium fair trade and certified organic coffee. Just Fair coffee supports environmental sustainability and social equity through exclusively sourcing, roasting and distributing high-quality fair trade and certified organic grown coffee products.

...Just Fair ensures that farmers in the developing world receive a fair price, and their communities and the environment benefit too.

...The Just Fair range includes Organic Espresso Blend Coffee Beans, Organic Espresso Blend Ground Coffee, and Organic Decaffeinated, all in 250g tins. Conscious of creating a fair-trade coffee that does not compromise on quality, Just Fair roasts the coffee in small batches to ensure it is at its freshest, using 100% Arabica beans.

...Just Fair’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility doesn’t end at sourcing. Just Fair is the only Fairtrade Organic product on the market that comes in a reusable tin that allows for easy storage of your coffee. The tin is made using recyclable material and soy-based inks."

My thoughts: 
Coffee is lovely. I'm a coffee fan.

On opening the tin a satisfying aroma wafts forth, if not a slightly darker? bolder? smell than I had expected.

On tasting the coffee, not bad. I used a Sunbeam coffee machine to pull the bean juice, and I think it tastes pretty good.

 The point of difference with this coffee has is great. I love the idea that you can track your coffee back to the source, and read about the community surrounding the coffee plantation. Unfortunate starter hiccups mean that I couldn't track my tin, but hopefully you can track yours.

Image Credit: Astor Market, Demonstrating Coffee
I was not paid for my review, but I did receive a tin of coffee to try.

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