Apr 28, 2014

The Big Day

 H and I got married! April 11th, 2014. The ceremony was small and cosy, at the registry office. It was all rather a blur. I was mostly focused on trying not to cry, and of course, focused on my love. We'd decided months previously that this day would not be The Big Day for us. We had our bridal party in attendance (minus one, as one of our lovely people were stuck interstate, flight grounded due to bad weather.) our family and some friends. 

The next day, the 12th, was all about the celebration. The Big Day.

We found a delightful photographer, Georgia of LogicBunny

 My bouquets and the buttonholes were the amazing efforts of Kate of Mary Mary Millinery

 The bridal party

The bridesmaids bouquets were the efforts of two bridesmaids and I.
Flowers for the 12th including bridesmaids bouquets came to $49!
(Not including my bouquet and buttonholes)

My love and I 

My hairpiece was custom made by the gorgeous Isabel of Dandy Long Legs

Our shoes were Marianne T-bar flats and heels from Golden Ponies
The bridesmaids were given a vague directive to select a vintage style dress. Nice work, ladies!

The cake was made by my Mum and I. 
A delicious chocolate stout cake, altered from a Nigella Lawson recipe
The sugar roses were a labor of love.
Armed with some YouTube videos and some assistance from my Mum,
I set out to decorate our cake. 
Certainly not as easy as I first thought! For links to the videos I used, see here.

 We had more than one thousand paper cranes folded for our big event. A special wish just for us. The origami folding was a team effort. Such a blessing. The whole event was a reminder of the love we have surrounding us. We received so much assistance, and for that we are so very grateful!
Very grateful.

 We had a handfasting ceremony, performed by our lovely friend, Sean.
For some idea of our soppy vows, see A Practical Wedding.

The cake cutting.

 My dresses were the amazing work of my awesome Mum. She managed two fabulous dresses for two big days. I felt super comfortable, and I'm not usually a dress wearer. My Mum was the most amazing help and support throughout the entire wedding planning process, making things possible that without her assistance would not have come into being. Thank you, Mum!

H and I also built a paper moon, something I had hoped to have for quite some time! It was our take on the photobooth, and I only wish I could have had more of our guests take a snap or two! 

All in all, we had a fabulous two days. We are still reminding each other with a marveled "Hey, we got married!" Now and then. Being a Mrs is still sinking in. Maybe once the official paperwork comes through I'll be used to seeing my new name!

A huge thank you to everyone involved in our Big Day.

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