May 4, 2014

Day Four

Day 4, Sunday: What’s a compliment you have been given that has stuck with you? Who gave it to you? When? Where?

I woke with the self confidence of, well, the self confidence of something that has very low self confidence. Fishing through my mind for a compliment has become something of a task. It's not that I have never been complimented, because to say that would be a lie. But to find something that has stuck with me, without me inserting all of my drama onto it? Near on impossible. However...

A foodie friend of ours once told me that he thought I should sell my baked goods. That blew me away, I'd never thought of myself as a great baker. He may have seen two of my more successful baking attempts, and one had even been dolled up with a Custom Icing image I had designed for him.

I (like most people) am not great with compliments. I try to honestly and respectfully give them, as much as I can, but I doubt the words of even my closest friends when it comes to compliments. Why do we find it so hard to accept a compliment? 

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  1. I too find it interesting how it can be difficult to accept a compliment. Enjoying your posts. And I really love the look of your blog too.

  2. Thanks, Simone! I'm really enjoying blogging every day in May, it is a great way to link up with some fantastic bloggers!