May 7, 2014

Day Seven

Day 7, Wednesday:  Where are you writing from today?

Today I a writing (sans moustache)  from my desk, in a cosy little house east of the city of Melbourne, Australia. My husband and I have a den-like area, a cosy wood-paneled room where we compute and relax in front of the television. My desk is rather a mess. I have all sorts of things strewn across it- a beautiful terrarium takes up a good portion of the space, and I am proud to say that the plants within are still green. (This is not a common occurance for me!) 

Often at my hands as I type is my petite cat, Coco. Coco was born on a farm, and she cost me a mere $10 to adopt. That was twelve years ago, now. So much has happened, so much has changed! Coco has remained pretty constant, however. Although these days she isn't scared of males, like she was when she was little. These days she loves most people, most of the time. All this talk about my dear little  Fluffy McFluffpants makes me want to go and get more pats. 

I'm off to find the cat! 

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  1. Fab post and what a cutie! I got my cat from a farm (here in the UK) about 12 years ago too! There were loads of little kittens in a barn and he was sat asleep in the water bowl and just snuggled up in my hands...I knew he had to come home!xx

  2. I really like what you write. Thanks

  3. Arline, isn't it just lovely how you can tell the right cat to take home? I love my fur baby!

  4. Thank you, Simone!