May 6, 2014

Day Six

Day 6, Tuesday: A favourite photo of you.

Like most people, I'm pretty fussy when it comes to photos of myself. I stuck to looking through the album of oldies, rather than searching in vain for a more recent shot. I could have chosen one of my wedding shots, of course, but I thought that might have been a little too easy. 

So, ignoring the hairy-chested man in the background, I love this photo of me. I'm not posed in a particularly adorable fashion, I'm not wearing an adorable 'vintage' dress. I'm just hanging, on the swing, sucking my thumb, as I would do for six more years. 

There is a look in my eyes, too. A look I so rarely see these days. A glimmer, a quiet contentment, a cheeky look of happiness. I think this photo resonates with me because I can see that glow, and I recognise it as distinctly my own, and I miss it, too. It's not around as much as it used to be. But it will be back. Watch these eyes.


  1. I so love your words about your baby self. Beautiful.

  2. Thank you Arline and Simone!

  3. Awesome picture and love your thoughts about it!!!

  4. cute!!! :D

  5. Thanks, Sandra and Sammi!