May 26, 2014

Day Twenty Six

Day 26, Monday: Invite someone to guest post for you.

Welcome to Shimmer and Glow Sunday of Love Happy Daily!

 At the moment I'm really making a committed effort to wear my Fitbit every day and try to get my number of steps up each day.  This means that I've had a few days when I've arrived home after work and quickly strapped on my sneakers and have gone for a walk to help get my numbers up.  Something that helps convince me to get out the door is having a podcast to listen to as a I walk. I use them all the time as incentives to get me to spend time cleaning or exercising as they distract my mind from whatever it is that just needs doing.

Last week, while listening to the latest edition of the Joy the Baker podcast on my walk, Joy was talking about how a friend of hers put together a mood board to help her to refine her style.  As I'm doing 12 new pieces for 12 months this year, choosing pieces that really work for me and set me up with a clear style are something that is important.  I haven't bought an item of clothing since March, so I have an April purchase and a May purchase to make.  As it is getting colder here in Melbourne, I should really be choosing items that will get me through the winter months.  But what to pick?

Inspired by Joy, I decided to have a go at making my own mood board.  I've decided that my style is possibly best described as Bright Preppy Sparkle

Here are some examples of the kinds of things that appear on my mood board:

You can check out my full board (in progress) on Pinterest

How would you define your style?  

Thank you very much for your guest post, Sunday! Your have inspired me to set up my own Pinterest board to help me define my style. One pin so far!


  1. Ooh interesting post-defining your style, I'd find that really hard! Love your guest post hun!x

  2. Great post and what a good idea for a pinterest board! :D