Feb 1, 2015

The journey, not the destination.

I know it's been a while. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Things have been mostly pleasant! But lets cut to the chase. I'm here to talk about being a fatty. I'm normally a private person, I'm quite selective in the things I share about myself in life and on the internet. But I cannot hide this 'secret' from anyone, it's pretty obvious, I'm a chubster. I have been a chubster my whole adult life, save a short few months where I was sick. I don't like being obese. I see fat acceptance champions and I think, “you guys are just awesome!” And they really are! But for me it's all about being a healthier me. I want to know that I can sleep at night and not keep my husband awake with my snoring. I'm currently not in any risk factors for 'fat diseases', and I want to keep it that way. I don't want to be one of those 3 in 5 Australians who make up the overweight/obese statistic.  Actually, I want to amend that. I'd be ok with being 'just overweight' rather than obese, I think this is a reasonable goal! I want to not jiggle so much when I move. And I'd really like to purchase clothes from a 'standard' clothing store.

I have two options to bring my BMI* into line. I can grow to be much taller, or I can lose weight. Looks like weight loss is the path I'll be taking! The Heart Foundation Australia's BMI calculator  has me checking in at a BMI of 37. I vaguely recall at my heaviest being a BMI of 43, so it is amazing so see I have come quiet a way already! The Heart Foundation website also tells me that I should be looking at weighing in at 53-71kg. I'm not aiming for this right now. In the short term I'm just keen to see numbers drop, and in the long term I am aiming for is a waist measurement of under 88cm, and from there, a measurement of under 80. This is recommended as ideal for avoiding those weight- based illnesses. I have so far to go on these measurement goals that I haven't even started documenting my progress. Right now I just have to focus on 'calories in vs. calories out'.

I've tried many diets in the past. Most based on extreme calorie cutting. I recently ended a year long stint with Weight Watchers. Not that I didn't like the program, in fact I though it was rather user friendly. I did question how not tracking fruits and vegetables saw my over all calorie count for the day. So now I'm on to MyFitnessPal. I am working on clocking in at under 1700 calories per day. This number will decrease as I do. I'm generally recording under my calorie goal without too much fuss. This is partly thanks to a little help from calorie controlled shakes via the Celebrity Slim Program. I certainly do not plan on the long term use of a shake based program, but I'm using them as a little boost to my weight loss. It certainly helps me control the calories going in. In the mean time I'm educating myself on low calorie meals and snacks. I'm quietly enjoying the idea of calorie counting. I'm still feeling hungry quite a lot, but I'm drinking metric buttloads of water as a way to counter that.

So far so good! I feel like I am doing something good for my health and for the future. I try to remind myself of this when I have hunger pangs. I've not been so positive about exercise, however! Exercise is a major bug of mine. I go the gym three times a week, and each time I grumble. I haven't been able to see exercise as I have my diet changes. I begrudge it! It's certainly something I need to work on. I've read a bunch of success stories where people have lost a tonne of weight through diet and exercise. These people are now running marathons! Doing boot camps! So there is a long way for me to go just yet! It's certainly the journey, not the destination.

Are you on a diet and/or exercise journey? How is it going for you?

*BMI might not be the best calculator, but it is an industry standard. Check out this article.  
 Image credit: Library of Congress, Walter Miller via Flickr

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