Oct 10, 2016

Day ONE.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It's an awfully trite statement, but it is also true. Today I started on The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet. And for the first time ever, I am actually excited about this new (diet) path! It is quite an unusual feeling, finding joy in a weight loss program. But this one feels like a winner.

What is the Blood Sugar Diet? In a nutshell, it is a low calorie, low carbohydrate, Mediterranean style diet. Essentially you are restricted to 800 calories per day. Which isn't much food, if you see my sample MyFitnessPal log below:

I've planned my week ahead to help with the grocery shopping. This is Thursday's snapshot.

(While I think of it, lets become MyFitnessPal friends! I'm hanging out here.)

It's not much food, but it will be enough. And that is the most important thing.  The diet has been popularised and promoted by author Dr Michael Mosley. Mosley, himself a diagnosed type 2 diabetic, has thoroughly researched the diet, and has the backing of doctors and professors the world over. (I feel this needs a footnote, but you'll find many supporters listed throughout the book, I promise!)

When I first heard of the calorie restriction side of the diet (the crux of the diet, really) I was sceptical. We have been educated, 'crash diets don't work!' and 'you'll just put the weight back on, and some!'. But the text really allayed my fears. It's absolutely worth a read if you are struggling with insulin resistance, type two diabetes, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, or excess weight. I'm not saying that this book will change your life (maybe it will), but what I AM saying is that this book confronts some long ingrained 'science' and offers new, sometimes alarming facts. What we have been taught to be healthy is actually making us sick. So even if you don't decide to spend 8 weeks on this plan, maybe you will alter your current diet to reflect this new information. I'm not a diet pusher, but I really see that this diet has benefits for me. And if it might work for me, it also may work for others.

On the back of the book is a lovely red banner: AVERAGE WEIGHT LOSS 14KG IN 8 WEEKS. Challenge accepted, Mosley, challenge accepted! I'm going to aim for a 14 kilo loss in these next 8 weeks. This number is ever so slightly confronting to me. I still have that old information running through my head about the safety of 'diets like this'. But after cramming this book into my noggin over the past two days, I have come to realise that it diet offers exactly what my body needs! I'm going to say goodbye to my 'pregnant' belly, and say hello to less fat around my struggling internal organs. I think they will be thanking me for it!

For the first week I have not been very brave, I'm going with simple foods, and not really all that much cooking. As I plod along I plan to incorporate more variety into the foods I eat. Unless something in particular is really working for me, because I don't mind repeating meals that I love.

So that's that, then!

You can buy the book here, if you are interested. (Not an affiliate link, I just want to share the gospel according to Mosley.)

NB; For those of you playing along at home, you might be concerned about my blood pressure. Never fear, possums! I will be monitoring it daily, and I will certainly book in to see my GP if there are any changes.

Book cover obtained for review purposes. Published by Short Books, 2015.
Strawberries obtained from Flickr Creative Commons. Page from 'Fruits of America' pp 361. (1848)

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