Oct 17, 2016

Week 1 weigh in

I was so glad when I stepped off the scale today. So glad. I made a lovely loss of 3.5kg (7.7lb) this week, week one on the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet. How good is that? I'm so jazzed, and excited to keep this diet up!

But in the hours since I have managed to put myself in a terribly destructive mood. I have prepped some dinners (bring on the chicken lime laksa!) and also made a baked cheesecake. The cheesecake is a from a recipe I found online, and is a low carb version, using stevia instead of sugar, and with a blitzed cashew and macadamia nut base. I've never made a baked cheesecake before. Are they meant to start off really runny? This one did, and I'm not sure if I put in the wrong quantities, or if it is the recipe, or that is just how it is meant to be. But that's how it was, nevertheless. So I have been stressing over this dang cheesecake, having a go of myself for wasting some very expensive ingredients, convinced that I am a bad cook. But I am actually not a bad cook at all. Mostly I say this because I know good flavour when I taste it, and my cooking never seems to fail. (Hey, how have I managed to get so heavy? My delicious cooking, that's how!) But maybe I have failed this time? Peeping back into the oven I wonder if in fact I was just being a little dramatic. The cheesecake resembles a baked custard of sorts, and does not look too runny now. How quick I am to mentally bash myself up without actually having any set evidence that I have done something wrong.

So I won't know how the cheesecake actually tastes until tomorrow, for my Dad's birthday. I'm crossing all my fingers that it is delicious. Or at least tasty. I think for now I have to refocus my silly brain on the fact that I lost 3.5kg. Three point five fricken kilograms! Let's celebrate the win and not focus on the maybe flop.

I've got this, yeah?   
It must be time for delectable dinner!

Image from the Internet Archive, via Flickr. pp462 of "St. Nicholas" (1873)

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